Monday, October 29, 2012

Little White Lies

While I love my class, I have to be honest with you...they sure are one chatty bunch! These past few months with them has definitely kept me on my toes, and it's been a constant battle to get our procedures and behavior management strategies down.

However, the other week (when I just so happened to be out of school for CCSS training) I had a behavior management epiphany. Now, don't get me wrong, I am  absolutely positive that I am not the first teacher to come with and use this strategy. But I have to admit, I was pretty darn proud of myself when it came to mind. Naturally, I thought I should share one of my very favorites with you!

Meet "Mr. Mike". Clever, right? I was so excited to introduce this strategy to my firsties, that I even wrapped it up with a cute little bag and bow. My students may have been slightly less impressed with the gift than I was...but they were excited nonetheless! Mr. Mike is the star of our rug time meetings, and has really helped my cuties understand the concept of taking turns. The best part of it is...they love Mr. Mike so much that they don't even realize my ulterior motives! Of course, this could I also be due to the little white lie I may or may not have told them.

You see, when I returned to school from my training, I told my class that I had my ears checked while I was away and learned that my hearing is downright HORRIBLE. I then introduced them to Mr. Mike and explained that he would help me to hear them while I teach. Now my kiddos think they have to hold the microphone in order for me to hear them. If they try to speak without holding the mic I simply say "I'm sorry, what was that?! My ears can't hear you without the microphone!". The kids eat it right up, and I get to enjoy the benefits of my little fib. 

How do you handle behavior management in your classroom?

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